Banglin’: Arm Parties

Whether your budget is good for Henri Bendel, Jennifer Zuener, Diana Warner, or that local vintage gem, bangles and bracelets are always fantastic for glamming up those basic outfits. Add color or even studs for an extra pop of color and personality to any outfit. Stack two, three… Or even thirty. Regardless your budget, this is a trend for all prices and ages. And guaranteed to look fabulous!


Henri Bendel: Add studs for that touch of bad girl flare. Also adding pops of color

like fuchsia will enhance color in your outfit.


Jennifer Zuener: Simple with a touch of style.


Love the mustard color — HUGE for fall this year. Big wooden bangles also add a

touch of that Bohemian flare.


Classic chain link




Diana Warner: Many Hopes


Diana Warner: Stephanie Cross


Right photo: Diana Warner Nancy bracelet


Diana Warner statement bracelets & Nancy bracelet


Assortment of Diana Warner bracelets


Last four photos taken by h. Davis photography for Elle Boutique in Knoxville, TN.


Uncle Sam wants YOU


So maybe camoflague might be a tad much for your style. Still channeling the earth-toned hues of camo jackets and army gear is a more tame trend. Choose a polish in army green with a sparkly sheen to add a feminine flare to a masculine color. With colors like army green, matte might look a bit too reminiscent of vomit, so I would choose a sheen or sparkle.



One of my absolute favorite trends of all time: military jackets. I particularly love this one with the fitted waist to show off curves and tiny waists. The large buttons are perfect and the basic patterned top adds enough of a pattern without being overwhelming. To make this jacket look even more feminine, you could always pair it with a dress and boots, or put it over a cream lace top with jeans.


Louboutin. These buttons are killer. I love the peep toe so you can see the nail polish. These shoes look very Fourth of July chic to me. #UncleSamWantsYou


Again, big buttons = LOVE. Remember you can always add scarves for that extra pop of color over top. Or gloves. The buttons are a beautiful detail on this jacket, so I would try to showcase them as much as possible and not overwhelm them with accessories.


Military chic


Huge fan of the over-sized military jacket paired with aviators, a mini dress, and large necklace. Perfect combination of masculine and feminine touches and looks absolutely effortless. Seriously beautiful.


Love the detailing on the jacket. Paired with the cream tunic, leather leggings, and black boots… perfect 10 outfit. Love the effortless hair as well. With legs that long, the monotone pants and shoes make the legs look skyscraper long. For girls with shorter legs (like myself) perfect tip to add more length to your limbs. Monotone. Monotone. Monotone.




Don’t blend in in one of fall’s boldest patterns: camouflage. It’s not just for hunters and military anymore. Take it to the streets in jackets, pants, skirts, and tops. Add jewels for a girly flare. Blending this bold “masculine” print with feminine touches adds dimension to any outfit. Roll up the sleeves of a camo button up and show off that arm party of bracelets and watches. The tension of femininity and masculinity is part of what makes this trend so wonderful. Taking it out of context makes it fashionable.



The camo mixed with cheetah print with an arm party on top of it — PERFECTION. The perfect blend of mixmatched patterns, colors, and textures. The metal chain on the bag also helps tie the three together. I’d be really careful and pick something simple for the bottoms like black jeans or leggings and maybe throw on a white tank underneath.


Emerald City



Sparkle & snake skin


jewel tone tunic & leather leggings






Leather top with fuchsia wide legs and simple heels and bag… perfect amount of pop without being overwhelming

Jewel tones, jewel tones, jewel tones.

Looking for that extra pop of color to an ever-neutral fall wardrobe? Take some advice from these photos and spice up those staple items with jewel toned accessories, tunics, make up, and blazers. If you all have never heard of C. Luce, probably time to look them up. This season they’ve had many cute tops with leather detailing, but there’s an amazing fuchsia tank with a black leather strap that is to die for. Paired with black wide legs and pumps, perfect outfit for a night out this fall. See Elle Boutique in Knoxville for this precious C. Luce top.

Bare minimum

I’ve had lots of people ask lately how to build a wardrobe from scratch. How in the world do you rebuild an entire closet around a few pieces? What is vital? What is worth dropping the big bucks? To try and be as wallet and budget conscious as possible, start with basic items. For fall — 3 different cuts of good jeans, a couple good basic sweaters and tees, and a pair of heeled booties and a pair of flats, and a pair of tall flat boots. You can build a hundred different combinations with those items by adding leggings or jewelry or belts. Accessories can completely expand your wardrobe. Think people will recognize the orange dress from the last football game? Change it up with new jewelry, a different pair of shoes, and a different hair style and you’re ready to go. Never underestimate a good hair and accessorie swap.

Denim: HUDSON — have yet to meet a person Hudson’s don’t flatter — try getting a few basic cuts like boot, wide leg, and of course skinnies. Maybe even throw in a pair of fun colored skinnies to spice up those neutral fall sweaters!

Sweaters/Tees: Splendid, Velvet, and Three Dot are always good fall back options. Vince also has some really soft, durable basics. Investing in these pieces set a basis to build on and are timeless.

Boots/Shoes: for flats, you can’t beat Tory Burch. Personally I have a neutrl colored snake skin pair that can spice up all kinds of skimmers and skinnies. Black and brown are also good basics, but if you want to save money – one good nude colored pair is enough.
For booties/boots — Dolce Vita is amazing. Check for those. Urban outfitters also carries DV as well as Sam Edelman, Jeffrey Campbell, and many other brands that are to die for.


Everything but whips


It’s about that time. I know how ready I am for leather jackets, fur vests, and wide leg jeans all paired with that perfect scarf. I know fur and leather may seem a big tricky — I’m trying to simplify some of these trends so they may seem a little less medieval and a bit more wearable.

Easy ways to do fur: vest. It is so easy (not to mention chic) to throw on a white long sleeve tee with a fur vest and those new wide leg pants. Finish of the look with some wedge booties and chunky jewelry and you’re good to go. If you have long hair, pull it up in a top knot to let the vest take center stage for the day. Change the wedges to heels and add a smokey night to make this easy for night wear as well.

Okay, leather. Personally I’m all about this trend for fall. The awesome rocker jackets with skinners and boots. The leather leggings/jeans with flats and big chunky sweaters. The perfect feminine dress matched with the harshness of a leather jacket. The mixing of materials here really can be stunning. Fits of leather jackets can also add to the mixing and play on materials and looks. Wear a chunkier, more square fit jacket to bring masculinity to a pretty dress or mini skirt. Pull out that vintage fitted jacket to pair with those wide leg jeans to balance the fittedness and flow of your outfit. You don’t ever want to be too fitted/risque or too frumpy.

You can (almost) always be risk-free with flat leather boots. As always, leather boots with tucked in skinnies will be on point in this fall’s fashion. To amp up the look, try over the knee boots (they can still be flat) with a flowy high waisted skirt and blazer or leggings and your favorite big, chunky sweater. To bring in more of the edgy side of leather, pair the outfit with a studded leather Rebecca Minkoff bag or replace the boots with those incredible studded Sam Edelman heels. Pairing feminine and masculine touches can add a whole other aspect to your outfit.

Wide leg jeans may seem a bit retro, but I mean honestly if you haven’t tried them on, you have to. Wide leg pants paired with some sky high heels can give you the appearance of super model length legs without the height genes. As always, pair with a dolman sweater or tee for a trendy day look or a cute top and clutch for a more sophisticated night look. Even as I am writing this, I am wearing Level 99 wide leg jeans paired with a black RVCA tee and DVF sky high wedges. Perfect for day time and at work. Add jewelry for some girly sparkle.