Style Sum

So… If I had to summarize what I like in clothes in one picture.. It’d be this one. A little plaid, a vintage army jacket, and a pretty chiffon and sequin skirt. The perfect blend of comfortable, chic, and pretty. A little unexpected but overall it just works. I’d definitely pair it with an arm […]

Not just for sleeping

SILK. Silk & leather — the two most wonderful fabrics to mix and match. Want a multimedia outfit that’s incredibly easy and not to mention super comfy and stylish: your favorite jeans, silk blouse unbuttoned enough to not be a grandma, and an awesome retro leather moto jacket. You’re welcome.

Overdue Peplum

I’m literally disgusted with myself for not writing about this season’s #1 trend: peplum. Leather is awesome obviously, but it’s a classic. Peplum is back on trend and definitely flattering for people who have a little bit of curve. Try a shorter peplum top with a high waist pencil skirt for a slimmer waist and […]