Fall-toned Tights

Prepping for fall fashion still — just waiting. I can’t wait to boots, tights, furs, and leather. I also can’t wait for the awesome jewel-tones. And the traditional fall colors.

In the midst of incorporating jewel tones to my own personal wardrobe, it reminded me how important it is to still have neutrals and the traditional colors of fall. Pair those awesome emerald jeans you’re going to buy with a gorgeous cream cashmere sweater and brown boots. Tone down the jewel with fall.

Remember for a cheaper option to buying actual jewel colored denim that jewel colored tights are an option and so are brown, burnt orange, burgundy, tan, red, traditional fall colors. Personally I’m a huge fan of burgundy in the fall. I think it looks fabulous with sweater dresses, in jeans, I’m scarves. Everything. It’s a mild enough color to get away with still having color but not going over kill.



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