Uncle Sam wants YOU


So maybe camoflague might be a tad much for your style. Still channeling the earth-toned hues of camo jackets and army gear is a more tame trend. Choose a polish in army green with a sparkly sheen to add a feminine flare to a masculine color. With colors like army green, matte might look a bit too reminiscent of vomit, so I would choose a sheen or sparkle.



One of my absolute favorite trends of all time: military jackets. I particularly love this one with the fitted waist to show off curves and tiny waists. The large buttons are perfect and the basic patterned top adds enough of a pattern without being overwhelming. To make this jacket look even more feminine, you could always pair it with a dress and boots, or put it over a cream lace top with jeans.


Louboutin. These buttons are killer. I love the peep toe so you can see the nail polish. These shoes look very Fourth of July chic to me. #UncleSamWantsYou


Again, big buttons = LOVE. Remember you can always add scarves for that extra pop of color over top. Or gloves. The buttons are a beautiful detail on this jacket, so I would try to showcase them as much as possible and not overwhelm them with accessories.


Military chic


Huge fan of the over-sized military jacket paired with aviators, a mini dress, and large necklace. Perfect combination of masculine and feminine touches and looks absolutely effortless. Seriously beautiful.


Love the detailing on the jacket. Paired with the cream tunic, leather leggings, and black boots… perfect 10 outfit. Love the effortless hair as well. With legs that long, the monotone pants and shoes make the legs look skyscraper long. For girls with shorter legs (like myself) perfect tip to add more length to your limbs. Monotone. Monotone. Monotone.




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