Bare minimum

I’ve had lots of people ask lately how to build a wardrobe from scratch. How in the world do you rebuild an entire closet around a few pieces? What is vital? What is worth dropping the big bucks? To try and be as wallet and budget conscious as possible, start with basic items. For fall — 3 different cuts of good jeans, a couple good basic sweaters and tees, and a pair of heeled booties and a pair of flats, and a pair of tall flat boots. You can build a hundred different combinations with those items by adding leggings or jewelry or belts. Accessories can completely expand your wardrobe. Think people will recognize the orange dress from the last football game? Change it up with new jewelry, a different pair of shoes, and a different hair style and you’re ready to go. Never underestimate a good hair and accessorie swap.

Denim: HUDSON — have yet to meet a person Hudson’s don’t flatter — try getting a few basic cuts like boot, wide leg, and of course skinnies. Maybe even throw in a pair of fun colored skinnies to spice up those neutral fall sweaters!

Sweaters/Tees: Splendid, Velvet, and Three Dot are always good fall back options. Vince also has some really soft, durable basics. Investing in these pieces set a basis to build on and are timeless.

Boots/Shoes: for flats, you can’t beat Tory Burch. Personally I have a neutrl colored snake skin pair that can spice up all kinds of skimmers and skinnies. Black and brown are also good basics, but if you want to save money – one good nude colored pair is enough.
For booties/boots — Dolce Vita is amazing. Check for those. Urban outfitters also carries DV as well as Sam Edelman, Jeffrey Campbell, and many other brands that are to die for.



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