Not just for sleeping

SILK. Silk & leather — the two most wonderful fabrics to mix and match. Want a multimedia outfit that’s incredibly easy and not to mention super comfy and stylish: your favorite jeans, silk blouse unbuttoned enough to not be a grandma, and an awesome retro leather moto jacket. You’re welcome. Advertisements

Overdue Peplum

I’m literally disgusted with myself for not writing about this season’s #1 trend: peplum. Leather is awesome obviously, but it’s a classic. Peplum is back on trend and definitely flattering for people who have a little bit of curve. Try a shorter peplum top with a high waist pencil skirt for a slimmer waist and […]

Fall-toned Tights

Prepping for fall fashion still — just waiting. I can’t wait to boots, tights, furs, and leather. I also can’t wait for the awesome jewel-tones. And the traditional fall colors. In the midst of incorporating jewel tones to my own personal wardrobe, it reminded me how important it is to still have neutrals and the […]


Banglin’: Arm Parties Whether your budget is good for Henri Bendel, Jennifer Zuener, Diana Warner, or that local vintage gem, bangles and bracelets are always fantastic for glamming up those basic outfits. Add color or even studs for an extra pop of color and personality to any outfit. Stack two, three… Or even thirty. Regardless […]

Uncle Sam wants YOU

So maybe camoflague might be a tad much for your style. Still channeling the earth-toned hues of camo jackets and army gear is a more tame trend. Choose a polish in army green with a sparkly sheen to add a feminine flare to a masculine color. With colors like army green, matte might look a […]


Don’t blend in in one of fall’s boldest patterns: camouflage. It’s not just for hunters and military anymore. Take it to the streets in jackets, pants, skirts, and tops. Add jewels for a girly flare. Blending this bold “masculine” print with feminine touches adds dimension to any outfit. Roll up the sleeves of a camo […]